New Energy ( LHy & LNG)

When it comes to transferring LNG and LHy efficiently and economically, look no further than CSM Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) solutions. It stands as the optimal piping solution for the secure, dependable, and cost-effective transfer of cryo fuels.

For LNG and LHy applications, CSM provides option on material of construction with SS316L (1.4404) on top of our standard 304L (1.4301/1.4307). We also provide W-series fully welded connections for leak free, higher level of safety and 80% lower heat leaks than any competitive connection in the market.

Our advanced Super Insulation technology, designed with an emphasis on safety and efficiency, guarantees the preservation of your valuable LNG and LHy. With an exceptional ability to minimize heat leakage, this technology ensures that pressure buildup remains controlled, safeguarding your assets and minimizing losses to the absolute minimum.


LNG Storage Facility

Liquefied Energy Storage Facility 

LNG Unloading

LNG Loading and Unloading



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