Cryogenic Application Solutions

We deliver cryogenic fluid in any capacity, bulk or miniature flow rate, high or low pressure. Our aim is to deliver to you a vacuum insulated cryogenic system with lowest heat leaks, ensuring a sucessful delivery of single phase liquid gases to meet your stringent process demand. Our products are used extensively for tranferring of liquid nitrogen in semiconductor test facilities with ATE test handlers for cold testing, electronic module burn-in by HALT/HASS test chambers, MBE wafer growing, Cryokinetic dry cleaning on semiconductor wafers, biomedical freezing or precision dosing of liquid nitrogen in advanced beverage packaging processes. 

If you encounter problems where your liquid nitrogen consumption is too high, frequent process failure due to ocillation in LN2 flow, pressure or temperature, heavy condensation on the LN2 pipelines, water dripping on your production floor, or worst a frozen LNpipelines, or believing you are spending too much money on LN2 boil-off; Look no further! Talk to us, we provide you with white papers or research papers related to liquid nitrogen problems and the solution.

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