Phase Separator

Stainless-steel vacuum jacketed cryogenic conditioning system is designed to control LN₂ pressure at the user's required setting. Once the system has been set up, liquid level and pressure are automatically controlled by the controller. The controller comes with an HMI that allows the user to set their required pressure and level.

The primary function of the phase separator is to reduce the higher liquid nitrogen saturation pressure in the bulk tank to a lower pressure at the user point of use (POU). It also acts as a device to remove excess gas developed in the liquid nitrogen pipelines due to heat leaks. The way it works is that higher pressure liquid nitrogen flows into the vessel and undergoes phase separation due to a sudden change in volume. The gas is vented out to the atmosphere while the liquid is kept in the storage vessel at a desired set point pressure for delivery to the POU.

The CSM phase separator is super-insulated to minimize thermal heat transfer and reduce liquid nitrogen boil-off to below 0.45L per hour, with a heat flux of no more than 20W.

There are two primary models to choose from: pressure adjustable or atmospheric pressure type.

The CSM phase separator is available in vessel storage capacities of 22 liters, 46 liters, and 76 liters, as well as a number of liquid outlets, ranging from one to twelve outlets, depending on the application.

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Phase Separator Specifications

Phase Separator C22/C46 Dimensions


Pressure Adjustable

Atmospheric Pressure

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