NovoDoser Q series

Introducing a cutting-edge Q series NovoDoser, packed with most advance dosing control technology, ensuring frost-free operation. Crafted from food-grade austenitic stainless steel, this doser boasts a hygienic wash-down design, fully compliant with rigorous HACCP requirements. Designed for high speed aluminum can lines and lightweight PET bottling lines.

Key Features:

  • Servo-operated Dosing Valve: Coupled with enhanced dose pressure capability, ensuring precise dosing on high-speed bottling line with small mouth opening
  • Extended and Flexible Arm:  Allows for close-proximity dosing just before capping, reducing LN2 usage while maintaining consistent pressure between bottles.
  • Variable Dose Pressure: Q series NovoDoser offers flexible liquid head pressure, making dosing pressure control a breeze and easily adaptable to your specific filling process requirements. It's suitable for both hot and cold filling processes.
  • Ultra Precision Dosing: Incorporates a subcooling function, guaranteeing constant liquid nitrogen density for ultra-precise dose mass.
  • Nozzle or System Quick-Defrost: Equipped with an efficient purging system that employs warm gas nitrogen for quick and thorough nozzle or system defrosting. It's user-friendly and ensures minimal downtime.

Innovative Dosing Solution:

With NovoDoser Q Series, you can expect precise dosing and enhanced operational efficiency in your liquid nitrogen dosing processes.

Novo Doser Ergonomic Features and Benefits

Frost-free nozzle : Self-generating GN2 for dosing head blanketing
Consistent Container Pressure : Delivers accurate dosing ± 1%
Lowest LN2 Consumption : Discrete dosing, for speed up to 2500* containers per minute
Lowest LN2 losses : Proprietary vacuum insulation with lowest heat leak, faster capital pay back
Minimized Product Splash : Lowest dose pressure in its class, 0.3 psi
Lowest system downtime : Sensors & Electrical cables are IP 65 rated and  316L material grade of construction for main system
Highest Hygiene Wash Down Design : All external surface construction is in round shape,  surface are sloped for self-drainability and easy wash-down
Lowest Maintenance : Ultra long life cycle dosing valve > 60 million
Ease of Installation : Compact size enables ease of installation in limited spaces
Applications Flexibility : Compatible with soft-dose and micro-dose technology for hot fill, powder, and granular applications
Multi-lingual HMI : English, Spanish, Chinese, etc
5 years vacuum warranty : Lowest cost of ownership


Product Cutsheet:

NovoDoser Q series 2000DSC.pdf  

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