Liquid Hydrogen (LHy)

Amidst escalating concerns over climate change, the global energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation towards cleaner, more sustainable alternatives. Liquid Hydrogen (LHy) has emerged as a frontrunner in this endeavor, offering a plethora of applications across diverse industries. What distinguishes these fuels is not just their efficiency and lower emissions but also the pivotal role played by innovative technologies such as super insulated vacuum jacketed pipes and complementary equipment.

LHy for Energy Storage

LHy Distribution Hub

With climate change policies driving industries to seek ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, the need for decarbonization has never been more urgent. While the rapid growth of renewables is promising, transitioning entire energy sectors takes time. Enter LHy, promising a cleaner energy future by significantly cutting CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels.

The introduction of CSM super insulation technology has revolutionized LHy applications, ensuring efficient refueling, vehicle usage, and power generation. This innovation minimizes heat transfer, enabling safe and cost-effective transportation and storage of hydrogen fuel while catering to various energy needs. Our advanced Super Insulation technology, designed to guarantee the reduction of boil-off-gas (BOG) and improve preservation of your valuable LHy in the pipeline. With an exceptional ability to minimize heat leakage, this technology ensures that pressure buildup remains controlled, safeguarding your assets and minimizing losses to the absolute minimum.

For LHy applications, CSM provides option on material of construction with SS316L (1.4404) on top of our standard 304L (1.4301/1.4307). We also provide W-series fully welded connections for leak free, higher level of safety and 80% lower heat leaks than any competitive connection in the market. 

Products for Liquid Hydrogen (LHy) applications:

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