Dynamic Dose for Mobile Canning

01 July 2022

By: Howard Chan

In the world of mobile canning or micro canning, efficiency and precision are paramount. At CSM, we understand the unique challenges faced by mobile canners, especially when it comes to LN2 dosing and maintaining product quality. In response to these challenges, we are proud to introduce the NovoDoser 500FD, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the mobile canning process.

Experience Matters:

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by a rich history of delivering outstanding results. Over the years, we have delivered LN2 dosing systems for numerous mobile canning projects, including the ABE Craftcan 35, Wildgoose, Twin Monkey, and more. Our experience speaks volumes about our ability to meet the demands of the industry and ensure top-notch results.

Understanding the ABE CC35:

The ABE Craftcan 35 (CC35) is a cornerstone of mobile canning operations. To fully comprehend the significance of the NovoDoser 500FD, it is essential to grasp the intricacies of how the ABE CC35 operates.

The ABE CC35 employs a 5-head filler, initiating the process by simultaneously filling five cans with the product. Following this, LN2 dosing is administered in a discreet manner. Subsequently, a lid is carefully placed onto each can, and the batch of five cans advances to a single-head seaming station. This unique seaming process unfolds discreetly, resulting in incremental delays for each can until the fifth is seamed. Importantly, during this waiting period, LN2 continues to evaporate, causing pressure fluctuations within each can. The first can experiences the highest pressure, while the fifth can bears the lowest.

Addressing a Common Challenge:

The pressure variation issue during LN2 dosing is a recurring problem faced by mobile canners using traditional dosers. Conventional LN2 dosing machines are primarily designed for constant speed rotary fillers and multi-head seamers. Unfortunately, they do not account for the "waiting time" inherent in single-head filling machines, a common sight in mobile canning operations.

Innovation with NovoDoser 500FD:

To surmount this challenge, we have developed the NovoDoser 500FD, equipped with a dynamic dose function. This groundbreaking feature empowers the filler operator to tailor the LN2 dosage for each can, accounting for their respective "waiting times," while still maintaining the base dosage corresponding to the line speed during operation. This innovation ensures consistent product quality and minimizes the adverse effects of LN2 evaporation.

Resources for Your Reference:

For a comprehensive overview of the NovoDoser series and its capabilities, you may click on the link below: NovoDoser Overview

At CSM, we remain dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and quality of mobile canning operations. The NovoDoser 500FD represents a significant step forward in achieving these goals, and we are excited to partner with you to elevate your mobile canning process to new heights.