NovoDoser Overview

Introducing the NovoDoser

Revolutionizing LN2 Dosing

As the demand for LN2 dosing continues to surge, technological advancements have reshaped precision and efficiency in this field.

At CSM, we're proud to introduce the NovoDoser, a new generation of high-performance LN2 doser tailored for the packaging industry. Our breakthrough super insulated technology ensures consistent liquid nitrogen density, guaranteeing that each bottle receives a uniform dose mass for impeccable pressure accuracy.

But that's not all. Our CSM dosing unit comes integrated with advanced control systems, enabling meticulous regulation of dosing parameters such as dosing time, volume, and flow rates. Real-time data monitoring and analysis further elevate process optimization and bolster quality assurance.

Embracing IoT technology takes the NovoDoser to the next level, facilitating seamless connectivity with multiple devices for high-level remote troubleshooting and support. With the NovoDoser, we're setting new standards in LN2 dosing precision, efficiency, and connectivity for a future-ready packaging industry.

Dosing Valve - Pneumatic vs Electric


NovoDoser L series with Pneumatic Dosing Valve


NovoDoser H series with Electric Dosing Valve

Benefits of Pneumatic Valves:

  1. High force and torque capabilities: Pneumatic valves can generate significant force and torque, making them suitable for applications that require strong actuation. They can handle high-pressure fluids or gases and provide reliable control over larger flow rates.
  2. Safety in hazardous environments: Pneumatic valves are often preferred in environments where electrical devices may pose safety risks, such as explosive or flammable atmospheres. Since they operate purely on compressed air, they eliminate the risk of electrical sparks or short circuits.
  3. Fail-safe operation: In the event of a power failure, pneumatic valves typically default to a safe position, ensuring system integrity and preventing potential hazards. This fail-safe feature adds an extra layer of safety and reliability to pneumatic systems

Benefits of Electric Valves:

  1. Fast and precise operation: Solenoid valves offer quick response times, allowing for rapid opening and closing of the valve. This enables precise control over the dosing.

  2. Energy efficiency: Solenoid valves consume minimal power when in operation. They only require electrical energy during the brief periods when the valve is actuated. The energy cost is lower compared to pneumatic system.
  3. Long life cycle: Solenoid valves are typically having lesser wear & tear parts. This translate to much longer life cycle, better accuracy and consistency dosing in the entire working life span.







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