Mini Doser

The MiniDoser™ is an ultra-compact doser, requiring the smallest installation footprint, making it ideal for most food production fillers. When paired with a suitable Phase Separator or Degasser unit, it can efficiently dose large volumes of liquid nitrogen into inert containers with high-volume headspace.

This versatile MiniDoser holds significant value in food inerting processes, specifically for peanuts, potato chips, and snacks. Moreover, it has proven to be indispensable in beer fobbing and beverage nitrogenation applications. Its adaptability across multiple industries makes it an innovative solution for ensuring product freshness and quality.


Mini Doser

Mini Doser

Mini Doser Ergonomic Features and Benefits

Frost-free nozzle : Self-generating GN2 for dosing head blanketing
Consistent Container Pressure : Delivers accurate dosing ± 2%
Lowest LN2 Consumption : Discrete dosing reduce LN2 wastage, NO-container-NO dose capability
Lowest LN2 losses : Proprietary vacuum insulation with lowest heat leak, faster capital pay back
Minimized Product Splash : Soft-dose nozzles prevent product splash, maintain line hygiene and reduce  COP / CIP cleaning frequency
Lowest system downtime : Achievable by system maintenance alarm and remote monitoring
Highest Hygiene Design : Wash down EP Head with hygienic design and stainless steel 304L material
Lowest Maintenance : Ultra long life cycle EP type dosing valve > 30 million
Ease of Installation : Compact size enables ease of installation in limited spaces
Applications Flexibility : Compatible with soft-dose and micro-dose technology for hot fill, powder, and granular applications
5 years vacuum warranty : Lowest cost of ownership


Product Cutsheet:

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