Automatic Dewar Filling System

Automatic Dewar Filling ADF10 for unattended liquid nitrogen filling. This system is designed to automatically fill a dewar/mobile tank with liquid nitrogen from a piping system or bulk tank.

  • Automatic shut off for unattended filling
  • Fastest filling rate compared to any products in the market
  • Equipped with a user defined safety timeout feature 
  • Provides a true liquid nitrogen fill
  • Eliminates liquid nitrogen waste

Here are some key advantages of ADF10:

  • Offers alternative filling using user-defined timeout based on Dewars capacity, ensuring accuracy, while providing flexibility for customized dewar filling.
  • Includes a safety leak check before filling, preventing operator injuries due to leaking liquid nitrogen from poor fittings.
  • Uses a Thermistor sensor instead of thermocouple. Thermistors experience such a large change in resistance per °C, which enables ADF10 to accurately differentiate cryogenic phases between liquids and vapor, allowing instant and accurate detection of liquid presence in vapor vent line to prevent dewar overfilling hazard.
  • Provides multiple inputs to override system automatic filling by external devices, including O2 safety monitoring systems, liquid weight measurements, liquid leak detection sensors, and emergency shutdown manual override capabilities.
  • 24VDC dry output to connect auxiliary equipment like EMO valves or audible/visual alarms for emergency evacuation.
  •  Incorporates a PLC and user interface display panel, providing visual text displays of alarm conditions or diagnostics situations.

Specifications :

  • Rated input voltage : 85 – 264VAC
  • Maximum Feed Supply Pressure: 300 PSIG (20.0 BAR)
  • Maximum filling rate : 10LPM

Product Cutsheet:

ADF10 Dewar Auto-Filling.pdf 

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