Dewar Changeover System

Dewar changeover systems provide a continuous, uninterrupted flow of liquid nitrogen to the use point. When the primary source is empty, the system allows a simple switchover to a standby, full, secondary supply bank, thus eliminating liquid supply interruption.

CSM Cryogenic provides two options for dewar switchover system:  Manual or Automatic 

Automatic switchover stations will constantly monitor the liquid nitrogen supply using a liquid detection sensor. When the sensor detects liquid nitrogen supply interruption due to an empty dewar, the controller will command the vacuum-insulated valves to perform the supply switchover to the standby dewar.

Switchover stations are an efficient and economical alternative to installing a bulk storage tank with extensive vacuum-insulated pipelines.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Vacuum insulation with lowest heat leak and lower liquid losses compared to traditional foam insulation
  •  Easily expandable when the liquid cylinder demand increases
  •  No moisture condensation, frosting or wet floor issue
  •  Prevent liquid air condensation and fire hazard due to high oxygen concentration
  •  Highest safety, prevents the operator from cold burns
  •  Built-in nitrogen gas purging function to avoid moisture intrusion during dewar replacement
  •  Safe-draining of residue liquid nitrogen to prevent spillage and cold burn accidents when disconnecting the hose from the dewar
  •  Pressure equalizing function to avoid cross-filling between dewars when more than one dewar is manifolded together in one bank

Product Cutsheet:

Dewar Changeover System.pdf 

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