Vacuum Jacketed Pipes

Introducing Vacuum Jacketed Pipes by CSM Cryogenic, the ultimate solution for efficient and economical cryogenic liquid transfer. Our pipes, also known as Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP), deliver unmatched performance and safety.

Specializing in manufacturing jacketed pipes with superior insulation, we cater to a wide range of liquefied gases, including Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Helium, Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, and LNG. Our pipes ensure a seamless flow of these cryogenic fluids from storage tanks to the final point of use.

Our vacuum insulated piping sets new standards in value and performance. Outperforming competitors, our pipes offer exceptional thermal efficiency and minimize heat transfer. We back our product's quality and durability with an impressive 10-year vacuum warranty.

Count on our Vacuum Jacketed Pipes for the most cost-effective and efficient solution in cryogenic liquid transfer. Experience the unparalleled performance and reliability of CSM Cryogenic's vacuum insulated piping system.


  • Electronic, Semiconductor and MBE

  • BioMedical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

  • Food and Beverage

  • Aerospace

  • General Industrial 

  • Laboratory - hospital, industrial and university, research institute


How it Works

Inefficient heat leaks during cryogenic liquid transfer can increase costs and reduce efficiency. Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) systems offer an innovative solution by minimizing these leaks through clever design.

VJP consists of two stainless steel pipes: an inner carrier pipe for liquid transfer and an outer pipe that supports and maintains vacuum insulation. This creates a "Vacuum Jacket" around the inner pipe, significantly reducing heat transfer.

CSM Cryogenic's VJP solutions incorporate advanced features for optimal efficiency and thermal insulation. By using VJP, you can mitigate heat leaks, improve efficiency, and reduce costs in cryogenic liquid transfer. Trust CSM Cryogenic's expertise for reliable and efficient solutions in your cryogenic liquid transfer needs.

On top of that, CSM conditioning equipment comes with advanced close tolerance bayonet connections that guarantee frost and condensation-free operation, with the lowest heat leaks, preserving your cryogenic fluid at the lowest temperature and ensuring pressure stability. To understand our bayonet technology and how it will benefit your cryogenic system, please click on the link "Close Tolerance Bayonet Technology."

Our trained and certified engineer is here to assist you through the entire process:

  • Troubleshooting your system

  • System Audits & Safety consultation

  • Engineering assistance for any cryogenic problems

  • Field measurement or system layout

  • Project management

  • System design & process integration

  • System Installation & commissioning

CSM Cryogenic offers many types of vacuum insulated piping systems. From our stocked prefabricated VIP assemblies, modular designed systems, flexible piping systems to our more complex engineered to order VIP piping systems. CSM products come in two options for vacuum insulation: static and dynamic vacuum types. To understand which vacuum insulation fits your needs, please click on the link "Dynamic Vacuum vs Static Vacuum."

You’ll receive the best insulation capacity while keeping your costs down, as compared to foam insulated pipe systems. CSM cryogenic pipes provides high thermal performance compared to conventional foam insulated pipes. It only needs a fraction of space unlike foam insulated pipe, and requires no additional protection against moisture.


Vacuum Jacketed Pipes Options

Smooth inner bore in pipe size ASTM A312 :

Comes with periodic internal bellows to minimize pressure drop and improve flow characteristics – StatiRigid - P

High Purity Inner bore with BA/EP surface finishing :

Comes with high-purity tubes  compliance to semiconductor or Biopharmaceutical specification with minimum contamination to customer process – StatiRigid-T

CSM's vacuum jacketed pipe is designed to minimize or eliminate all three modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. This design ensures that the total heat flux into the system remains below 0.4mW/m2. In comparison to traditional foam insulated pipe lines, vacuum jacketed pipes provide a significantly superior insulation performance, offering insulation performance that is 20 times more effective.

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