Vacuum Jacketed Hoses

These maintenance-free and durable cryogenic transfer lines are designed for use with liquid nitrogen. Even with the extremely low temperature of -320°F (-196°C) flowing through the hose, the outer surface remains at room temperature, ensuring safety when touched with bare hands. The reduced nitrogen consumption of these hoses translates to cost savings for your business. 

CSM hoses incorporate cutting-edge super insulation technology, guaranteeing optimal thermal efficiency. In fact, each hose is backed by a 5-year vacuum warranty, ensuring its long-lasting performance. CSM products come in two options for vacuum insulation: static and dynamic vacuum types. To understand which vacuum insulation fits your needs, please click on the link "Dynamic Vacuum vs Static Vacuum."

Thanks to the coaxial bellow construction, these hoses offer exceptional flexibility, allowing for easy maneuverability. Additionally, the use of lightweight stainless steel materials minimizes cool-down loss to an absolute minimum. To further protect the vacuum jacketed hoses, they are encased in a stainless steel spiral wrap or a braided outer cover, ensuring durability and longevity.

On top of that, CSM conditioning equipment comes with advanced close tolerance bayonet connections that guarantee frost and condensation-free operation, with the lowest heat leaks, preserving your cryogenic fluid at the lowest temperature and ensuring pressure stability. To understand our bayonet technology and how it will benefit your cryogenic system, please click on the link "Close Tolerance Bayonet Technology."

Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose, the epitome of thermal efficiency in transfer hoses, designed specifically to minimize liquid nitrogen loss during operation. Our lightweight inner tubing significantly reduces cooldown losses, enabling rapid hose cooldown and accelerating the delivery of liquid cryogen to the desired point of use.

By utilizing our Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose, you can expect higher quality liquid with lower gas content at the point of use, thereby enhancing equipment efficiency.

  • Ranging from semi-flexible to ultra-flexible to suit your type of application

  • Hazardous ice & dripping water is reduced or eliminated, increasing safety.

  • Outer surface is safe to the touch, even when used with liquid hydrogen or liquid helium.

  • Interlocking stainless steel cover provides a light weight, durable, and flexible product.

  • Each transfer hose is flow and leak tested to ensure superior quality.

  • Standard lengths and end fittings are maintained in-stock for quick delivery.

  • Custom configurations are also available.

Options & Accessories

  • Integrated vacuum jacketed Tees and Elbows

  • Bayonet connections

  • Vacuum jacketed shut-off valves

  • Pressure relief valve assemblies

  • Sintered metal diffusers (phase separators)

  • High pressure ratings available upon request


  • Electronic and Semiconductor

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

  • Laboratory and Biotechnology

  • Food and Beverage

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial


CSM VJ-Flex Hose Application Benefits

Reusability :

Pre-engineered modular concept allows the vacuum insulated transfer hose to be easily reuse if use-point locations and plant layout is changed

Cost Saving :

This option provides simplicity and cost saving as it reduces the necessity for precise system layout measurements

Time Saving :

Readily available on the shelf for fast delivery, thus reduces material lead time for your cryogenic piping project


Product Cutsheet:

 Transfer hose spec sheet.pdf 


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